Fusion Foods

Veg / NonVeg

The Avengers


(Veg / Chicken in sweet n sour sauce served with burnt garlic rice)


(Stir fried veggies / Chicken in herb sauce served with capsicum coriander rice)

Street Warrior

(cheesy potato balls in proprietary sauce served with herb rice)

Burmese Khowsuey

(A burmese noodle dish served in curried coconut sauce with veggies / chicken in fried onions, fried garlic, green chillies and lemon)


(Cottage cheese / Chicken in creamy paprika sauce served with capsicum coriander rice)


(Ravioli filled with Cottage cheese / Chicken topped with tomato cream sauce accompanied with garlic toast)

Anti Gravity

(Cheesy veg / Chicken in pancake topped with creamy basil pesto sauce, served with french fries)

Fast & Furious

(Veg / Chicken in pepper sauce served with spinach coriander rice)